Equine ultrasound case study 1 - by James Crabtree



The following case study was prepared by James R. Crabtree BVM & S, CertEM(StudMed)., MRCVS. Independent Veterinary Consultant, Equine Reproduction & Stud Medicine.

You are presented with a mare at 15 days post natural covering to test for pregnancy. The video represents part of your ultrasound examination.


Question 1. What do you see?

Question 2. What other part of the reproductive tract do you need to check?

a). Ovaries
b). Cervix
c). Tips of the uterine horns & behind the cervix
d). All of the above
e). None of the above

Question 3. What would you do next?

a). Crush a pregnancy
b). Re-examine in 24 hours
c). Re-examine in 24 or 48 hours
d). Re-examine in 14 days
e). Administer prostaglandin and re-cover

Question 4. What is the most important thing to remember when dealing with twin pregnancy?

a). Mares never get identical twins
b). Twin pregnancies will always sort themselves out
c). Twin crushing is easy
d). A mare which double ovulates is assumed to have twins until proven otherwise
e). Triplets don't occur in mares



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