Elbow - craniocaudal canine X-ray positioning guide


Elbow - craniocaudal canine X-ray positioning guide



  • Sternal recumbency with leg to be radiographed extended forward
  • Use sandbags and wedges as required to maintain position
  • Use a leg tie to prevent the elbow from abducting (see photo)
  • Turn head away from leg you are imaging
  • Position paw in DP
  • Centre midway between condyles and collimate to cover 1/3 of way along humerus proximally and 1/3 of the way along radius and ulna distally
  • Ensure L/R marker in primary beam.

 What to look for

  • Good visualisation of joint surface; ideally humeral condyles should appear to be of equal size, with the olecranon overlying the olecranon fossa.

Top tips

  • Often the elbow will slide from side to side; a small piece of cotton wool placed under the olecranon can stop this happening.

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