Pelvis– lateral canine X-ray positioning guide

Pelvis – Lateral Canine X-ray Positioning guide 2

Pelvis– lateral canine X-ray positioning guide



  • Dog in lateral
  • Use pads or sandbags to ensure femurs parallel to table top
  • Ensure femurs superimposed, and tail out of region of interest
  • If trauma case ensure hind limbs pulled back to allow visualisation of pelvis
  • Centre over the hip
  • Collimate to include the entire pelvis.

What to look for

  • Femurs superimposed
  • Left and right hemi-pelvis superimposed over one another.

Top tips

  • On muscular dogs it can require lots of padding to keep femurs parallel to the plate
  • Also it can be helpful to pop a foam pad under the thorax

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