Stifle – lateral canine X-ray positioning guide

Stifle – Lateral Canine X-ray Positioning guide 2

Stifle – lateral canine X-ray positioning guide



  • Lateral recumbency, affected side down
  • Stifle in lateral position
  • Pull unaffected leg out of the way, and secure
  • Support leg with sandbags or foam pads
  • Centre over the stifle joint
  • Collimate to show ½ of femur and ½ of tibia/fibula.

What to look for

  • Femoral condyles must be superimposed on one another.

Top Tips

  • For most dogs pulling the unaffected leg cranially works much better than pulling it back over the body, as this can lead to rotation of the stifle joint
  • On occasion supporting the hock joint and weighting down the foot can help superimpose the condyles

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